One of our professional flatpackers renovates their spare room …

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As one of the professional flatpack assemblers here at Assemble My Flatpack I thought I would share some of the design and interior ideas. Of course leveraging my extensive experience building flat pack furniture

At our flat we were using the spare room more like a workshop and then the opportunity came along to rent it out and we had to pull our fingers out and convert the room into a luscious, modern, airy and inviting room. We managed to convert the room in just a weekend and made the most of the knowledge of many years assembling flatpack furniture.

We bargain shopped ….


We are constantly snooping around the bargain corner at Ikea – For this makeover we got some awesome bargains, we managed to get the PAX gloss finished wardrobe door for £9 about a year ago. We had great plans of using it to make it into a desk but it came to our rescue here and we could just buy a PAX carcass and hey presto we had the wardrobe sorted. A word of warning here though is that Ikea change aspects of their design and that is why things end up in the bargain basement – Here we had to re-drill the handle holes as they have changed the spacing for the handle since the door was on sale.

Additionally we have stacked a couple of Stuva drawers to provide tonnes of extra drawer space, again from the bargain basement at £10 a piece.


We hacked Ikea ….


I think that as we all make so much Ikea furniture we like to pimp it up sometimes. So here we made more of a bureau out of a set of Stuva drawers that we already had (we were lucky to pick them up in the bargain corner for only £15) and we had some hair pin legs that we added. The height now fits under the window better while also giving some all important room for shoes beneath. We want to take this hack one step further and add a varnished OSB top to it so watch this space for that update …


We bought some tried and test Ikea favourites ….



The amount of these lamps we have seen in bedrooms across the country and there is a good reason they are everywhere – They make the perfect bedside lamp. If you wanted to glam it up then swap the cord for some braided fabric flex, remove the shade and add a vintage steam punk inspired filament squirrel cage bulb – I think we could do a whole post on lighting alone



We veered away from Ikea ….



We kept hoping we would spot something in the bargain corner at Ikea for the bed but alas we didn’t spot anything this time. When we were looking around we liked Ikea but wanted something slightly different from the normal Ikea look so we ended up buying off eBay.Although the end result looks really good, the bed took twice as long to put together as an Ikea build – Additionally the delivery men wouldn’t even help get the boxes up one set of stairs to the door of the flat …. You wouldn’t get that with our shop and deliver service!


We added some unique touches ….



We love copper so we added an attached bedside lamp that we made from getting copper plumbing pipe and elbows. We then fed through some fabric 3 core twisted flex and added a copper effect lamp holder that we found on eBay. The finishing touch is globe loop filament bulb, which was again sourced from eBay

This also again helps with applying our individuality to the room and avoid the room looking like an Ikea shop room

Remember that if you are renting a room ALWAYS get anything electrical get it signed off my a qualified electrician


We solved some problems ….

We have always struggled with curtain rails in this room. The annoying thing is that there is a steel girder where you would normally drill to put up a curtain rail. So our solution was to copy something we did for a shower curtain in the bathroom and attach up to the ceiling instead of the wall. Good job I am a plasterer as there was quite a mess from trying to drill into the outer wall before realising there was a steel girder there

Notice the copper yet again – More thicker plumbing copper tube with elbows. The flanges though were hard to find and are actually meant for a shower curtain pole (from B&Q)

The curtains are also from the bargain corner however this element we are going to probably change as they are too long and let too much light in.

Another Ikea tip though if you want to make your own curtains then check out the fabric section at Ikea as the prices are unbeatable especially the cost of their calico which would make a great curtain liner (£2 per metre): It is a little nerve wracking to cut your own fabric though!

This is a good tutorial for tabbed top curtains: