IKEA Top Tips

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We shop for and build a large volume of IKEA items and therefore we have learnt a few Ikea top tips to make the ordeal easier:

Ikea Top Tips: Shopping:

  • You can check stock levels at specific shops on Ikea’s website prior to getting to IKEA to ensure that what you need is in stock
  • Check and double check the dimensions of the items you want on the website to ensure that they will fit in your car. The website states the dimensions of the flatpack boxes so you can do this

Ikea Top Tips: Assembly:

  • Give yourself enough space
  • For wardrobes always check that if you build it lying down then you have enough clearance to get it upright. It is possible to build it vertically and reduce the clearance needed but we would strongly advise against this unless you have done it before as you could end up damaging the wardrobe and worse still yourself in the process, we can offer advise on this though as we have done it many times

Ikea Top Tips: Returns, damages and missing parts:

  • IKEA’s return policy is particularly good if you have bought the wrong thing but make sure you get the free “family” card as this will cover you in case you damage your items getting them home or during assembly
  • If there are missing parts, or you have lost or broken pieces then most stores have an extensive selection of replacements and if they don’t have the part you need then they can easily order them for you.

And there is always our shop, deliver and assemble service if you want to leave the whole ordeal to us if these Ikea top tips don’t help